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Useful Voices: Jacquette Timmons on Money and Choices


Jacquette Timmons knows that money isn’t just about logic and numbers — it’s mainly about emotion.

Her site blends advice on "money, choices, and relationships», recognizing that financial health springs from a healthy mindset paired with smart action.

And we love her tag line,

«You don't manage money — really. You manage choices.»

Here are five posts from Jacquette we think you'll enjoy.

In Life & Business: This is An On-Going Tension…

One of the key tenets of …

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The Hammer #1: Avoiding Dangerous Guru Myths

Ill: Kaja Vik

Ill: Kaja Vik

Welcome to The Hammer! This is the Slow Business Adventure's regular column on busting the myths of business.

Because acting on bad advice can:

  • Slow entrepreneurs down

  • Cause you headaches

  • Waste your money

  • Corrode your confidence, and

  • Keep you from finding out what works for your business


Today I'm going to talk about some of the «make money online» gurus that are out there, and some kinds of programs you should avoid …

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5 «Goal Pairs» that Go Beyond Profit

The goal-setting method that never goes out of style


Has the thought of being a «profit maximizing entity» ever felt as uncomfortable to you as trying to squeeze a pair of low-waist jeans on a postpartum body? 

Some people literally work their asses off to fit into that size-4 supermodel pair of jeans, no matter what their circumstances are.

«It's supposed to hurt, right?» 

We say highlight your own shape, whether it's your jeans or your business goals.  


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5 Practical Essentials for Slow Business Adventurers

Networking and practical discussions on strategy and operation of the company on Slow Business Adventure.  // Photo: Niclas Risvoll

Networking and practical discussions on strategy and operation of the company on Slow Business Adventure. // Photo: Niclas Risvoll

Some hear the term Slow Business and think that means being throwing all of the practicalities of business out the window.

It seems like we should be able to just be good people and do the right thing, and success will flow toward us.

That's a fast way to becoming a former business owner.

«Slow» business doesn't mean «foolish» busine…

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Announcing: Slow Business Fix #1: The ROI of Slow Business

A resource guide from Slow Business Adventure

Sonia Simone announcing: Slow Business Fix #1: The ROI of Slow Business.  Photo: Allie Smith

Sonia Simone announcing: Slow Business Fix #1: The ROI of Slow Business. Photo: Allie Smith

«But I don’t want my business to be slow!»

Sometimes, when we talk with entrepreneurs and founders about the Slow Business approach, they think that we mean something like:

  • Profit will take care of itself

  • Growth is a bad thing

  • Customers will find you…

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Ep 13 - How to have a walk that benefits your business

Walking meetings and solo walks that you can do every day

During the pandemic, so many entrepreneurs and other home workers have struggled to take care of themselves while working from a home office. Working in front of a computer can leave us feeling drained and sluggish, and with good reason. From medical research we know that sitting is counterproductive.

On the flip side, getting outside to take a walk is proven to bolster creat…

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Ep12 - Feel less lonely as a solopreneur

Get the support you need through the power of community

Today, Heather Thorkelson and Torill Wilhelmsen discuss why it may be necessary to make a shift away from the identity of a SOLOpreneur, to fully experience the support you can get from the entrepreneurial community. Having a business bestie, a trusted group of peers or an online community where you feel safe and supported, is absolutely key to survive difficult times and thrive in …

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BONUS: Ask us anything

How to navigate practical business matters during COVID-19

In this bonus episode, you can listen in to a live "Ask us anything"-session we had where we answered our listeners questions about how to navigate business matters and development projects in this time.

If you listen to this lively conversation, you´ll hopefully come away with new inspiration and ideas for how you can adapt and build a more resilient business - while keeping sane (…

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Ep11 - The one thing your marketing has to do (Part 2)

How real businesses are adjusting now to give customers what they want

In our last episode, Sonia talked about the one thing your marketing absolutely must do: present an offer that your audience wants to buy.

You need to relentlessly ask yourself this question:

"Why do my people want this right now?"

Today, Sonia Simone and Heather Thorkelson give examples of companies that have figured out how to course-correct on short notice. And they…

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Ep10 - The one thing your marketing has to do (Part 1)

Making sure your audience wants what you have to offer

There are a lot of things marketing can do, but there's just one thing it must do:

Your marketing has to present an offer that your audience wants (and is able) to buy

It sounds simple, but poorly crafted offers are one of the most common reasons for a lack of sales. 

Many businesses are finding that offers that worked wonderfully before COVID are dying right now. Other businesses are seeing …

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