I´m not the best in the world at anything. And today I felt like Superwoman.

Torill på beta

I´m not the best in the world at anything.

Even the things I feel that I´m fairly good at or know more about than most people, I´m not close to excelling in compared to the top performers.

In fact, I don´t look at myself as a "peak performer". I don´t even try to be "my best self". I´m not even waking up every day thinking that this will be the best day ever. I´m just...well, me.

🔛 Yet I get to do things that excites me and I feel very content with my life right now. I have things to look forward to, and in my daily life there are very few things on my 2do-list on a weekly basis that I have to do that I would rather not.

🍰 I really love my clients and the work I get to do; writing, walking, creating focus projects in whatever field interests me at the moment, and helping other on their business journey. One time I was invited to dinner at Seth and Helena Godins house, which brought a big smile to my round face.

🤸 ♀️ Also, I felt like a superwoman today. I had a business strategy session with an entrepreneur that was disheartened and determined to start applying for jobs. We talked about how she had handled some very difficult situations lately by setting and keeping her boundaries. She had identified some things in her business that wasn´t working, and just by doing that she has now as far as I can predict saved her business from being closed down.

🏔 And after that we made a very concise plan for her actions the next 2 months. When we were wrapping up our 30 minute call she was quiet for a long time. I was quiet too, it was one of those moments where everything that needed to be said was already out there.

- I´m going to lay down on the floor for a bit now, she said after a while. - It´s just so much to take in. An hour ago I thought I had to apply for another job and give up on my business. And now I can see that there is hope, and I feel this positive excitement for what´s to come. Thank you.

💧 Then I think there might have been tears, and they might have been mine.

😢 Remember, all the days you thought that you didn´t do enough. Was good enough. Didn´t deserve the opportunity that YOU created. Or handled crisis or challenges well enough. There is always a way forward, but not if you don´t continue.

👠 Your job is not to be the perfect olympian of the business world. Your job is to make a decision, take the next step, and allow other people to help you in some way or another. And be the helper, if that´s your role and privilege.

😇 And then hope will be restored. Joy will sparkle in someones eyes. There will be feelings like relief and fierce determination, and perfect clarity.

💡 And you will be an average person, doing extraordinary things. Running your Slow Business like the Superhuman that you are. The way that only you can.

Find the courage to be more adventurous in your business  

You´re truly the best at what you do, she ended the call. - And so are you, I replied. - What a wonderful thing that we both can keep doing it now.

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