What exactly is Slow Business?

A sustainable way for you and your business

You´ve heard of Slow living, Slow cities, Slow parenting - and now even Slow business!

As the founder of your own company, the pressure is constantly ON.

It´s common to fluctuate between feeling like a superhero and feeling lost. There are small fires, difficult customers, contractors that disappear from the face of earth. All combined with the daily grind of product development, social media marketing, sales calls, administration, deliveries and unfinished funnels.

With Slow Business, we invite you to take a different approach:

  • Carefully select just a few projects, marketing channels and products.

  • Replace short-term profit goals with a long-term perspective so you can build a sustainable and profitable business that becomes your life´s works.

  • Take time to discern the problem and stop searching for the next marketing tactic or app that will be a quick-fix, when you don´t even know if it´s solving the right problem in your business.

  • Connect, cowork and collaborate with other people more often than not.

  • Escape the non-stop cycle of work, and take a step back to clear your mind, learn new skills and meet like-minded people.

You can buy a new computer when it´s broken, but you can´t just order a new body online.

With Slow Business, you don´t have to. You are an expert firestarter, and in the Slow Business community we are many that will help add to your fire in various ways, so you don´t burn out (again).

  • Fjellflyt AS

    “I love the Slow Business concept.

    In a world addicted to speed, slowness is a superpower. And nowhere is that more true than in business. When everyone else has only one speed (turbo!), knowing how and when to slow down is your ace in the hole.

    Harnessing the power of Slow will unleash your full potential, helping you think, connect, create and achieve better than ever before.”

    Bestselling author and voice of the Slow Movement

Annual gathering

Slow Business Adventure

A Networking conference where the worlds longest inhabited fjord meets the mountains in Jotunheimen national park. Hosted by the business education company Fjellflyt (MountainFlow). An extraordinary experience where the participants contribute to make it a grounded, peer-to-peer learning experience. Where the best of business networking meets the dreamiest of outdoor life. Where you can walk your way to business success on a Walkshop(TM). 


Make meaningful connections

With this event we want to connect entrepreneurs in a meaningful way that goes beyond the conference room.

Together, we practice business skills that will serve you for years to come, and attend workshops with trailblazing strategists and coaches. All while enjoying the outdoors.

Follow your curiosity and explore what opportunities that open up for your business. When you embrace adventure you will finally take your business and life to a lovely place north of the ordinary.

Isn´t it time that we do something different than the small-talk in crowded and noisy conference halls? There is a more adventurous path.

Get to know other founders in small groups to truly connect, create and collaborate.


Connect with people that will challenge, inspire and help you

Are you tired of going to conferences for networking opportunities and to meet peers, just to find that the the only place to talk is in a noisy conference hall?

There is another way. Imagine sharing an experience instead! Slow Business Adventure brings you opportunities like enjoying a morning yoga or sauna next to the Sognefjord, hike or climb a mountain, participate in a small workshop with 10-25 others, sharing a meal with local produce or listen to a roundtable discussion with thought-mentors gathered around the campfire at night.

There will be thought-through opportunities to connect so that networking happens naturally and without the awkwardness of shallow small-talk.

We call it networking the Norwegian Way.

Photo: Allie Smith

Collaborate to produce better work, earn more money and reach your ideal customers

Internet truly is a remarkable invention to get in touch with people from all over the world. Working together is nevertheless SO much easier when you don´t just internet-know each other, but you have gone on an adventure together and built a relationship.

If you hit it off with someone you can go straight into the podcast studio on-site to record an episode, shoot a professional photo with your new friend and business partner with a stunning backdrop of nature. Or take a walk to discuss your next product, before you head to the festival coworking space to lay out the plan for your joint venture. And then end it with heading to the makerspace to create some logo earrings or a keyring to promote the new project.

Photo: Allie Smith


Slow down to cultivate creativity, curiosity and consistent creation

Entrepreneurship demands constant creation, which is both a liberation and a challenge for creative souls. How do you keep your ideas fresh, your thinking deep and your mind in a state of flow while you consistently deliver high quality? Slow Business is adjusting the pace and taking care of you first, so that you can continue to be of service to others in the long run.

Expand your creative capacity at a Walkshop (TM) that makes you 60 per cent more creative. Cultivate curiosity on a walk with an artist along the flower-path. And use all your senses to soak up what the mountain has to offer of unparalleled views, autumn colored heather and crisp mountain air.

There is no shortage of solitude either. Find peace and tranquility at your own secret spot with unparalleled views. Because nature is your best buddy when it comes to recharging, refreshing and and filling your creative well.

Photo: Niclas Risvoll


This is how it was in 2019, at our first Slow Business Adventure. In 2023 it has evolved into an Unconference.

Skjermbilde 2020-09-14 kl. 12.35.12.png

Impossible, you say? Challenge Accepted!

Meet the Creatives

The initiators of the Slow Business Adventure are on a mission to bring like-minded people together outdoors, so they can form lasting relationships that helps them set their ideas in motion, build and run profitable and sustainable businesses.


Torill Bye Wilhelmsen from Fjellflyt (MountainFlow) came up with the idea for Slow Business Adventure after running business retreats, online courses and physical workshops since 2014. Here she is together with the Keynote speakers and Living Room Workshop leaders from the first Slow Business Adventure in 2019. From left Heather Thorkelson, Randi Buckley, Marit Letnes, Torill Bye Wilhelmsen, Allie Smith, Sonia Simone, Regina Anejinou, Kaja Vik (chief organizer in 2019) and Adelaide Goodeve. Photo: Niclas Risvoll


Founder Torill Wilhelmsen

Founder of Fjellflyt, the business education company that hosts Slow Business Adventure and is now building the Slow Business Movement - and Norways first Tiny House Village (Eplehagen Mikrohuslandsby).

Torill has taught more than 450 founders strategies for building a business that often becomes their life's works.

Her background is a masters degree in international economy, head of business in a municipality and certified Quiet Power Strategist by Tara Gentile at WhatWorks. So far she has founded two small companies and a coworking space, and is currently working on establishing Norway's first Tiny House Village.

She prefers whisky over the Norwegian aquavit liquor, walking over running, and going uphill rather than downhill.

Contact her for any practical questions concerning the gathering.