seems like you are a little lost?

entrepreneur being lost

Friend, it seems like you - or the page - are a little off track. Don´t you worry! It´s here, off the beaten path, that the magic happens!

A founders life is often a bit chaotic. There are small fires, difficult customers, contractors that disappear from the face of earth, and combined with the daily grind of product development, marketing, sales, administration, deliveries…well, the working hours can seem endless.

So now that we are here, a little lost in internet land, not knowing what page we were at, let´s take a minute and celebrate.

Some time ago, entrepreneurship chose you, or you chose entrepreneurship.

Either way, you ventured into the unknown.

You were able to find your way. Even when there were no road signs.

You found your way even when there was no path at all.

You don´t need to be redirected by some random link. You always found your way, and will continue to do so.

When you became a founder, you accepted that on the entrepreneurial journey you would get lost every once in a while. And you accepted the challenge, because deep down inside you knew that you are resourceful no matter the circumstance.

And that is the sign that you are an adventurer at heart, dear founder.