Useful Voices: Jacquette Timmons on Money and Choices

Jacquette Timmons knows that money isn’t just about logic and numbers — it’s mainly about emotion.

Her site blends advice on "money, choices, and relationships», recognizing that financial health springs from a healthy mindset paired with smart action.

And we love her tag line,

«You don't manage money — really. You manage choices.»

Here are five posts from Jacquette we think you'll enjoy.

In Life & Business: This is An On-Going Tension…

One of the key tenets of Slow Business is to make sure you're thinking for the long term, and not just about immediate outcomes.

Jacquette asks the key question in this post:

«Are you making choices and decisions that rob your future in order to ease the stress of meeting the demands of today?»

Perspective: When is it Time to Make the Leap?

Many Slow Business adventurers aren't full time entrepreneurs — they run one (or several) "side hustles."

(On another note — let's come up with a better term for Side Hustle!)

In this post, Jacquette gives some advice on when (or if) to make the leap to quitting a day job for full-time entrepreneurship

«Remember that making the shift from side hustle to full-time isn’t simply about changing where and how you work. It is also about adjusting and updating your vision, strategy and mindset.»

This One Thing is the Key

One of my own favorite coaching tools is identifying and mobilizing constraints (not just assets).

This post is about knowing what your constraints are, and using some mental judo to turn them to your advantage.

«Finishing what you start is hard work. Not just because of the work involved, but because as you work on your projects, you are also working on yourself.»

How to Make Your (Financial) House More Resilient

Balanced between stubbornness and Zen calm is a state called resilience, and it's of the great habits of successful business owners.

Jacquette talks here about how to cultivate it.

«... how often do you forget about your history with resilience – the tool that helps you manage change and uncertainty – when you’re in midst of your latest setback?»

How to Tackle the Things That Get in the Way

And finally, if you're working on one of the goal pairs that Torill suggested (or you're pursuing goals of your own), you can expect to encounter obstacles and stuck spots.

Here's how to tackle some of the most common reasons we don’t make progress on the goals that matter to us.

«A brief look in the rear-view mirror of your life is all you need to know that setting goals is a lot easier than achieving them.»

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