5 «Goal Pairs» that Go Beyond Profit


The goal-setting method that never goes out of style

Has the thought of being a «profit maximizing entity» ever felt as uncomfortable to you as trying to squeeze a pair of low-waist jeans on a postpartum body? 

Some people literally work their asses off to fit into that size-4 supermodel pair of jeans, no matter what their circumstances are.

«It's supposed to hurt, right?» 

We say highlight your own shape, whether it's your jeans or your business goals.  

In this article, we’ll show you how to align your inner motivation with your professional business goals. Because you have a business to run … and you really don’t have time to deal with waist-gap problems. Ever. 

Here are 5 goal pairs for the Slow Business Entrepreneur that will make your business look like a million dollars.

We’re suggesting goal pairs because every pair of jeans has two legs — and your business should always include a profit goal in addition to the other elements that matter to you.

(Check out our 5 Essentials for Slow Business Adventurers article in this guide for more thoughts on that.)

Goal pair #1: Family time and profit

This stretchy pair can support your life situation in many ways, but the biggest is giving you more time with your family. 

It also allows for any number of life-changing circumstances, including making a move, starting a family, resolving a health issue, or caring for kids or elderly family members. 

Like the comfiest of stretch pants, aiming for more time with your family means figuring out ways to spend less time in the office. This might include adding extra help, establishing more flexible working hours, or simply taking on fewer clients while charging more per project.  

This style is the perfect fit when your non-business life needs extra attention. 

Goal pair #2: Impact and profit

Develop a signature system, badass blueprint, far-reaching franchise, or create a national standard for businesses or organisations like yours. 

This goal pair will fit your ambitions of excellence. And since this combination is the ultimate in slim fit jeans, they’re a little more revealing (and could make you a bit nervous of people's first impressions). 

If you go with this pair and choose significance over obscurity, you’re not necessarily a status seeker. But you are on your way to gaining influence in your field. This goal pair gets you noticed, remembered, and — hopefully — admired. 

When it's time to rise to the occasion, your closet needs a pair of bossypants.

Goal pair #3: Visibility and profit

Flare jeans are having a moment, and so should you.

Step into the spotlight with the confidence of a rock star, ready to think big, stand out, and take on the world. (Even if «taking on the world» means landing an article in your local newspaper, launching for the first time, or reaching out to potential customers with a new product).

If you're on a mission you truly believe in, getting more visibility and word-of-mouth will definitely bring sexy back in your biz. Being seen is great, but being talked about is even better.

And there’ s no better marketing than being so remarkable that people can’t help but talk about you.

Embrace your inner flower child, because the sun is going to shine on you!

Goal pair #4: Sustainability and profit

Concerned about the environmental impact we make? Want to help prevent the planet from sliding further down? This goal pair will serve as a daily reminder that your business’s impact expands beyond your office walls. 

Meet the overall jeans, a sustainable way to stay in style and keep pulling the world (and not your pants) up. 

Areas of focus for this goal pair might include implementing sustainability practices to make your organization more socially and environmentally responsible.

You might want to create a social business or a sustainable enterprise. Maybe you have a long-term dream to build  sustainable housing on your childhood island, or source local handmade products and grow a market for them. 

Avoid the sinking feeling, because with this style we’re not doomed forever. 

Goal pair #5: Creation and profit

Open-minded explorer, this is for you. You never have to worry about the fit of these relaxed jeans as you go about your daily tasks. 

You are a creator at heart, and it's ingrained in everything you do. So it's only natural that you shape your goals around your natural tendency to develop something new. 

Maybe you’re a designer who wants to infuse even your commissioned work with your unique style. Or a service provider with an idea that seems a little crazy, but kind of makes sense ... and you really want to try it out. 

Creative entrepreneurs benefit from crafting and controlling the entire process of their business, top to bottom. Creatives can hardly imagine a bigger satisfaction. 

Because when you are in creative control, no one has control over you. 

That's smartpants right there! 

There you go. With this Slow Fashion forward thinking and goal pairing style guide, you’re now ready to set your own goals.

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torill.pngTorill Wilhelmsen

Having taught more than 300 small business owners about setting goals that fits your professional ambitions, life situation and core motivation at her workshop Plan A, Torill has extracted the main types of goals that Slow Business owners have that go beyond profit. 

Or in other words, the gal that knows nothing about fashion wrote about how to find your perfect leggings of goal setting.



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