Ep 13 - How to have a walk that benefits your business

Walking meetings and solo walks that you can do every day

During the pandemic, so many entrepreneurs and other home workers have struggled to take care of themselves while working from a home office. Working in front of a computer can leave us feeling drained and sluggish, and with good reason. From medical research we know that sitting is counterproductive.

On the flip side, getting outside to take a walk is proven to bolster creative thinking. Entrepreneurs need to know how to utilize that, and in this episode we show how you can incorporate walking into your workdays in ways that benefits your business.

Create a healthier work environment for yourself just by going for short walks between 2-20 minutes throughout the workday.

In this episode, you´ll learn:

  • What types of meetings make great walking meetings (that you can start using today)

  • How to prepare for a walking meeting

  • Interesting finds from ground-breaking research on the link between walking and creativity

  • What are Walkshops(TM) and why we should start having outdoor business conferences

  • Make walking your creative place that you can access from anywhere


Useful links and resources:

Shane O´Maras book In Praise of Walking explains why walking is good for us and tells the story from when humans learned to walk to walking in urban areas today.

Dr. John Medina's Brain Rules books explore the powerful cognitive benefits of walking (and other kinds of movement)

Recommended action:

1) Ask yourself a question and go for a walk!

2) Take one of your calls this week while walking.

3) Tell us how it goes in our fb-group Resilient Business Podcast Community


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