Announcing: Slow Business Fix #1: The ROI of Slow Business


A resource guide from Slow Business Adventure

«But I don’t want my business to be slow!»

Sometimes, when we talk with entrepreneurs and founders about the Slow Business approach, they think that we mean something like:

  • Profit will take care of itself

  • Growth is a bad thing

  • Customers will find you if you’re «remarkable» enough

  • It’s ok to ignore sales and marketing (they’re so uncomfortable!)

  • Money is just a social construct

But we’re a little more practical than that!

Slow Business is about mindful business practices. It’s about taking the fundamentals of business and applying them in a more conscious, more thoughtful way.

This evolving guide has practical resources to help you focus on essentials like marketing, profit, and goal-setting … without losing your balance.

In this issue you’ll learn:

  • 5 practical essentials that are just as important to slower business as they are to our rushed colleagues

  • A useful voice on getting better clarity around your financial picture

  • Ideas for goal-setting that respect your whole entrepreneurial self (not just the profit-seeking part)

  • Simple steps that let you make the most of a coworking space

  • The terrible guru advice to avoid while you’re growing your business

We call this an evolving guide (as opposed to all of those «complete guides» published by so-called business gurus) because we’ll continue to refine and add to it as we find great new resources.

Be sure to stay connected to Slow Business for future guides on marketing, networking, growth and other business essentials that can benefit from the Slow Business way of doing things.



Sonia Simone

Sonia was a founding partner of Copyblogger Media and is the owner of Remarkable Communication. She led the editorial direction on the Copyblogger blog, as well as developing the content and email strategies that supported the company’s software and e-learning lines of business. She sold her interest in Copyblogger in 2019.

Today, Sonia teaches writing for content marketers and works one-on-one with clients at Remarkable Communication.


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