Just one more thing…

Most people reading this website will not purchase a ticket. That´s ok. Before you make up your mind if you will join us, consider this if you´re not set on a YES quite yet.

It can be tiring to be a small business owner. Ever-changing marketing tactics, advertising options, new social media platforms, algorithm changes, production problems, a difficult customer with too much time on her hands, projects that are overdue and websites that break…

Sometimes, you just drown in emails.

Sometimes, you just react, react, react.

Sometimes, you put out fires all day long.

Please remember that you are already enough. You might think that other people “have it all together”? Well, what do you know about how it looks behind the scenes? Don´t worry if your business is not where you want it to be - yet. That does not determine the value you bring to the table.

If you are like the rest of us, you´re in it for the long run. How would you feel if you could progress in your own pace, get help from your business allies and have the knowledge about what works best for your business so that you don´t feel pressured to implement all the things, always? Just imagine what you can accomplish when you go slow, but steady!

I´m not sure if Slow Business Adventure is for you, because it´s not for everybody. So many entrepreneurs work crazy hours to get the job done, and many of them will not take time to work on their business.

But if you are different, then you know that you can create a different reality. Every day you may encounter an opportunity. Every day you make choices that influence your wellbeing and overall situation.

You have what it takes to go North of the Ordinary.

Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

You can, too.

Thank you for considering your participation so carefully.