Ep11 - The one thing your marketing has to do (Part 2)

How real businesses are adjusting now to give customers what they want

In our last episode, Sonia talked about the one thing your marketing absolutely must do: present an offer that your audience wants to buy.

You need to relentlessly ask yourself this question:

"Why do my people want this right now?"

Today, Sonia Simone and Heather Thorkelson give examples of companies that have figured out how to course-correct on short notice. And they talk about companies striving to stay relevant in the face of rapidly changing demand.

In this 21-minute episode, Heather and Sonia talk about:

  • A service providing high-quality organic produce to restaurants

  • Successful authors finding ways to replace speaking engagements

  • How Heather's ultra niche travel company is facing global lockdown

  • A social media influencer struggling with identity and perfectionism

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