Ep09 Keys to a more robust business

With ways to find focus even when things are weird

Business is a risky proposition no matter what you're doing right now, but in this episode, Sonia Simone from Remarkable Communication and Torill Wilhelmsen from Slow Business Adventure talk about how to build more robustness, simplicity, and efficiency into your days ... to manage your risk and keep moving.

Torill and Sonia talk about:

  • Leaning rather than pivoting (and making sure your business has enough legs to lean on)

  • Simplifying business decisions

  • Finding your daily "focus flower"

  • How to structure focused work time

  • Sonia's focus mantra when things feel overwhelming

And remember Torill's power question:

"What will lead to problems if I don't get this one thing done?"

This episode sponsored by our co-host, HeatherThorkelson.com. Thanks Heather!


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