An Outdoor Entrepreneurship Conference

Tap into the knowledge of remarkable


Forget about other people “fangirling” the speakers after a session, and you would be left feeling ripped off from the opportunity to meet them.

At Slow Business Adventure, the speakers attend the entire event, sit around the same table and hike the same trails as you do.

Below, we present the speakers, workshop leaders and entrepreneurial adventurers. All eager to get to know YOU and your business, in an atmosphere of hygge.

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Trailblazing Leaders and Founders

Meet the Keynote speakers


Keynote speaker Sonia Simone from

Sonia Simone (USA) co-founded together with Brian Clark in 2006. Now she is the Chief Content Officer and podcast host of CopybloggerFM at - “the Bible of content marketing”.

An entrepreneur at heart, Sonia Simone also runs a small business, Remarkable Communication, where she teaches creatives how to master the art of writing.

Inventing content marketing, Copyblogger with Sonia at the steering wheel, paved the way for online marketers all of the world. She is here to help you create the kind of audience-focused content that helps you reach your business goals.

For the first time in Norway, we are looking forward to learn from this content marketing veteran, writer and consistently creative power-house from the US.

Dive into Sonia Simones writing at


Keynote speaker Randi Buckley

Teaches a radical, new way that kind people can set boundaries that give us a solid ground in all situations.

For many of us, there will be a “before and after” learning from Randi Buckley. Setting healthy boundaries is the framework you need to excel at work, master hard conversations, say no without feeling like a jerk, keep your integrity in conflicts, avoid emotional burnout - and flourish in business and life as a compassionate human.

An experienced teacher, consultant and coach, she has worked with the Oscar Academy, Stanford University and The Sundance Film festival to mention a few.

For well over 23 years, Randi has been involved in training staff from over 30 countries at the Concordia Language Villages, a language program for youth. She is a proud Norwegian speaker and Assistant Dean of “Skogfjorden,” the Norwegian Language Village.

Explore Randis website

Photo: Michelle Magdalena Maddox

Photo: Michelle Magdalena Maddox

Photo: Kristoffer Mæle Thuestad

Photo: Kristoffer Mæle Thuestad

Keynote speaker Torill Wilhelmsen

Torill B. Wilhelmsen (Norway) is the international economist and Certified Small Business Strategist.

Advocating for Slow Business in Europe and beyond and founder of the festival Slow Business Adventure.

Explore Torills website

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Knowledgeable Entrepreneurs and Experts

meet the workshop leaders

Learn skills that will make you feel unstoppable on your adventure in business and life! These lecturers will teach paid and free workshops for groups of 10-25 founders. Expect break-throughs and aha-moments.


Regina Anejinou

Regina is - together with Allie on a mission to humanize online business.

She has been featured in FastCompany and Entrepreneur, and has taught at ConvertKit’s conference and now they speak in Norway for the first time!

Regina teaches how to start and run profitable businesses online. Since 2008, Regina and Allie have hosted over 100 profitable online and in-person events, hosted two online schools (one with 14,000 students and one with 10,000+ students) and build up an email list to over 50,000 people.

They have created many infamous webinars and workshops, such as “Launch Your Funnel Today” a.k.a. LYFT, “Sell With Signature Events” or “Promote Your Event (and Business) from Scratch.”

Learn from her


Allie Smith

Allie is a copywriter and educator. Her superpower is listening what business owners want to sell, then distilling their message into a short, punchy, powerful tagline, headline or a product name.

Combining her copywriting skills with an unmistakable sense for beautiful visuals, she also teaches and consults how to create share-worthy content.

On Instagram, Allie has built multiple influential accounts across the food, wellness, travel and business industries.

Together, these two ladies are the brains behind and, where they constantly work on towards their mission: to humanize online business.

Learn from her

Photo: Andreas Winter

Photo: Andreas Winter

Marit Letnes

User-test nerd, researcher and content therapist Marit is your go-to-person to create user-friendly web sites that even busy and irrational people (your customers!) understand and act on.

Read Marits story


Heather Thorkelson

Multipassionate Canadian business coach based in Sweden where she runs not one, but two companies. She is making the most out of life as an adventurous entrepreneur. Running a polar expedition company one day. Helping business owners find the hidden opportunities and revenue in your business as it currently stands, the next day.

Discover Heathers street cred


Karina Siegmund

German textile artist living (and surfing) in Norway. She creates innovative tapestries combining traditional techniques and modern technology, bringing nature closer to you. Learn how to use nature as an infinite resource for inspiration.

Discover Karinas world of weaving and waves


Adelaide Goodeve

Using extreme adventures that she, clients and podcast guests have experienced, Adelaide teaches the Adventure Mindset Model. Tools to help you influence your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, and to maximise the opportunities around you. 

Be adventurous with Adelaide


Eva Strand

The urge to live an outdoor life is motivating this entrepreneur. Eva previously ran a mountain lodge, and recently started a business where she teaches outdoor skills to people wanting to go on hiking and skiing adventures during winter.


Adventure called, and they said YES

happy campers

Local people contributing to the festival with entertainment, out-of-the-comfort-zone challenges and guiding.

Photo: Nina Hurum

Photo: Nina Hurum

Endre Skjåk

Endre will hand-select performers for the cultural evening, and also put his acting skills to good use.

Your guide to everything local when it comes to history, literature, traditions, antiques and language.

Endre makes a living as an actor, director and homestay-host at Kvaale farm. He can track his ancestors back to the Vikings - can you tell?


Ørjan Venås

Ørjan is representing “Gjendeguiden” at the festival, guiding the participants safely over the famous Besseggen ridge for those of you who will attend the exclusive networking hike on the arrival day (more info in the Q&A-section).

Ørjan is passionate outdoor enthusiast and has made it his livelihood. With extensive experience from winter outdoor life and avalanches from 20 years in the Armed Forces and many years in the Red Cross organization, Ørjan is well trained for almost any situation . Ørjan is a dedicated Telemark skier and his new passion: path cycling is his favorite activity. Expertise and quality are important for both Ørjan and Gjendeguiden and we are excited to have them onboard!


Mari Arnøygard Wedum

At the festival, Mari will dive head first into the ice-cold Gjende lake at the polar plunge - and then lead the way to the hot tub.

Ain´t no mountain high enough for Mari, the adventurous travel journalist and head of Visit Jotunheimen has extensive knowledge of hikes, accommodation and activities in and around Jotunheimen National Park.

She recently relocated to Vågå from the city and loves the most that she will “never run out of 2000 m summits to conquer” (there are 150 to choose from).


Bjørg Schultz

Come watch and learn about norwegian traditional handcrafts at the camp site and meet Bjørg who is a proud representant of Husfliden, the Norwegian handcraft society Bjørg is a person that takes every challenge head on, with a positive attitude. She also have the most contagious laughter, making people smile, so a real happy camper!

Bjørg also manages her own business called “Mangesysleriet” which produces craft products in materials such as wool, wood and iron aiming to deliver functional product with an unique design.  Bjørg also emphasize how the production affects the environment, making products in traditional crafts with short-traveled materials, made with regard to nature.


Mali Rønnaug Frydenlund

At Slow Business Adventure Mali is one of the local guides, as she knows the area as the back of her hand.

Diving heart first into a 2-year-long break from the nine-to-five grind, Mali has recently embarked on her biggest adventure in life - yet. She is passionate about helping people overcome adversity through conquering outdoor life challenges.

Positive things happen when you tie your hiking boots and let nature impact your thinking, your choices and outlook on life.


Harald Rune Øvstedal

Ever since Ole Øvstedal set out on his first trip on 1 July 1906, there has always been an Øvstedal at the wheel of the Gjende boats.

Harald, the present skipper, is fourth generation, and you might see the fifth generation running along by the quayside. Harald Rune will be welcoming you onboard the Craft beer tasting cruise where you can enjoy a different kind of sightseeing!

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Hard-working, prize-winning local food advocates

meet the makers

Founders of food businesses, ready to let you get a taste of their world.

Photo: Kristoffer Mæle Thuestad

Photo: Kristoffer Mæle Thuestad

Huub Huijs

Huub wanted to live in the Norwegian country-side and left his home-country Netherlands equipped with his dream, a beloved saxophone and a book about home brewing. Fast forward a few years, and he was awarded prizes for his Belgian inspired brew. He is the only employee and makes 9 varieties of beer. The brewery is in an old rural school building.

Enter Hubertus brewery


Anna Haugstad Avdem

At 24 years old Anna was awarded the rural entrepreneur of the year prize for establishing a local food grocery store, Avdemsbue, on the dairy farm of her parents in Lesja. Her work promoting traditonal, Norwegian food has now elevated to a whole, new level as she is building a new restaurant and showroom formed as a giant cheese!

Say Cheese at Avdemsbue


Bengt Dahlberg

It took a Swedish chocolate maker to create prize-winning chocolate with unexpected Norwegian flavors. In his Chocolaterie in the fjords, he makes with heavenly truffles filled with flavors like cloud berries, aquavit, brown cheese, blue cheese, handpicked blueberries…

Enter Chocolate Heaven


risk-takers and adventurers


Dennis “The Backflip King” Risvoll

Starring in the latest Warren Miller movie "Face of Winter", Dennis Risvoll is one of the worlds top freeskiers.

He is famous for doing crazy backflips and has won two runs in the prestigious Freeride World Tour.

Living in Vågå in the Norwegian mountains, how does he manage to follow the dream to live as a professional skier and to pursue an international career?

Photo: Red McLeod

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Meet the locals

Norrdolf the reindeer

The reindeer Norrdolf is part of a domesticated herd that lives a happy life in the wild, well looked after by local shepherds. For special occasions, like the Slow Business Adventure, Norrdolf the reindeer comes to visit. He is used to people, even children, and likes to be the center of attention.

Amaze your business contacts with a photo of you and a friendly reindeer on this years Christmas greeting card!

Photo: Kristoffer Thuestad

Photo: Kristoffer Thuestad