An Outdoor Entrepreneurship Festival

invitation to make an impact

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From the stage

at Gjende Lake with 300 + people


In a living room workshop

With 10-25 people

The workshops are held in living rooms (most with fireplaces), to create an atmosphere of  hygge .

The workshops are held in living rooms (most with fireplaces), to create an atmosphere of hygge.

With this event we want to connect entrepreneurs in a meaningful way that goes beyond the conference room - and network the Norwegian way to create real relationships in an environment of hygge.

Think small groups, plenty of time, an intimate and informal learning environment, and lots of outdoor activities and campfires.
— Torill Bye Wilhelmsen, founder of slow business adventure

Invited to be a keynote speaker? Read this!

You are invited to:

  • give a keynote speech and take part in the campfire conversations

  • host two living room workshops (more info below)

Curated campfire conversations with keynote speakers

The keynote speakers gather around the campfire at the lakeside in the evenings (day 2 and 3), letting the natural flow of the conversation lead you.

Sharing stories, laughs and quiet moments. Revealing layer by layer what it means to work every day to make a difference in the world, through entrepreneurship.

How life really is behind the business and on stage, behind the scenes of social media and traditional media.

How the urge to discover, explore and help others lead to personal growth, new connections - and failures.

What drives us? What fuels us? Why are we prone to listening to people we agree with, when we know we need different perspectives?

How can we challenge ourselves and be more open to new ideas? How can we create meaningful connections with people that are different from ourselves? 

With these conversations we want to open up for a much longer and deeper conversation than what we usually see online, one that lasts for days and are influenced by what happens at the festival so that not everything is scripted and pre-planned.

Instead of cramming 25 speakers into a 1-day event, we give our 3 keynote speakers 4 days to dive deep and interact with the group of founders.


Invited to lead a living room workshop? Read this!

We would LOVE to have you teach two 2,5-hour Living Room Workshops September 10 and 11.

There will only be 10-25 people in each workshop.

If there are less than 10 pre-registred participants, we will decide in agreement with the workshop leader wether it will be held or not.

We want people to get help planning and working on their projects, and get to know their online business heroes. Topics within the range of: “How to sustainably run a profitable small business?”

The workshops take place at Bessheim and Hindsæter mountain lodges in lodge or cabin living rooms - most of them with fireplaces.

Lunch is included in the workshop ticket, and you as a workshop leader get even more time to interact with your students and build relationships with them.

After lunch there will be a shuttle bus to Gjendesheim, the ride is 7-10 minutes. 



So - you probably want to know what we can cover in terms of costs etc. This is the first time we are organizing such a big event. We´ve ran Fjellflyt-events for over 5 years but this is definitively the biggest one! On our bootstrapping budget, this is what we can cover.

I have an international airfare, will you pay for it?

For US/CA speakers/workshop leaders we cover the travel/airfare limited upwards to 1000$, which should be enough to cover the journey from USA and back. 

Europeans: We will arrange this with each person when we know where you are traveling from.

How do I get from Oslo Airport to the festival venue at Gjendesheim?

When you land in Oslo Airport Gardermoen we will have made a plan in advance on how to get you to the mountains in the most convenient way, the travel time is around 4 hours from the airport and until you can breath in the fresh mountain air - and the views from the train/bus/drive is very scenic! 

Most likely, there will be a festival bus from the airport directly to the mountain lodge.

Do you pay for my accommodation and food?

You will get a free full board ticket at Gjendesheim for the entire festival that includes accommodation and food.


Everyone eats together at Gjendesheim where they are renowned for using ecologically sourced ingredients literally from the doorstep. There will be buffets with everything from wild meat to vegan options, and a chance to try the Norwegian concept of "matpakke"/packed lunch. 


The presenters will stay at Gjendesheim lodge, which is the most popular mountain lodge in Norway.

In our agreement with Gjendesheim we have rooms with 2 bunk-beds for the presenters included.

However, if you prefer other types of accommodation we will do our best to accommodate your needs. There are also other options in the area, so if you want more to choose from let us know!

I heard there would be a craft beer tasting cruise...

…and rumors has it we are giving away a free ticket to the craft beer tasting cruise to all our speakers, workshop leaders and adventurers that give presentations during the festival.

We hope you will enjoy the craft beer tasting cruise at Gjende!

PS. If you don´t want to try the local beer, you can still enjoy the cruise.

I want to stay some days or weeks longer in Norway

We understand, this area has so much to offer and that´s why we moved here in the first place!

Let us know what you would like to experience, and we will help you plan your stay with our insider travel tips.


spread the word

What are the most important links to ticket sales and the fb group?

To avoid confusion and misbehaving links, please find all relevant purchase and marketing links in the regular FAQ section. In general, just use the website:

But in case you need a direct link to the order form for the festival ticket, this is it:

First 48 hour launch ticket: COUPON CODE “START” for 50$ off until May 2 at noon, Oslo time. Or this link:

Press kit for bloggers, journalists, podcasters, business/travel magazines

Press kit for bloggers, journalists, podcasters, business/travel magazines

Contact your network of journalists and let them know you are speaking at a brand new event. Pictures for free use can be found in the Press Kit.

You can also use these topic ideas and pictures on your blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, website etc.

Beautiful graphics for your social media etc.

Below you can download two folders with graphics that says “I´m leading a workshop” or “I´m speaking at Slow Business Adventure”, in various sizes. Have a look and use them in your Instagram stories, blog, fb etc.

Download graphics from slow business adventure

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