An Outdoor Entrepreneurship Festival

Level up your business North of the Ordinary


At Slow Business Adventure, the best of creating meaningful connections for your business, meets the best of business learning and outdoor life.

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Detailed 4 day program

Combine networking, business learning and outdoor activities, and create your own adventure. Press (+) to expand the program menu.

Day 1, Arrival Day | MONDAY September 9, 2019

16:00 - 21:00


A warm welcome awaits with our Norwegian crew greeting you in the most hyggelig manner.


16:00 - 21:00

Outdoor Pizzeria is Open

The outdoor pizza oven is hot, hot, hot, and the pizzeria open for business.

18:00 - 18:40

Traditional Norwegian Cultural Evening

Relax and unwind while you delve into Scandinavian culture and listen to beautiful folk songs and music. Seated near the lakeside, you can make new friends and adjust to the slow pace of mountain life.

You will meet young artists from the local community that are interested in becoming cultural entrepreneurs in the next few years. To support their journey, they will receive talent awards in form of financial scholarships from our partner Sparebank1 Lom&Skjåk.


Set up Camp and Check In

Set up camp if you are camping in a tent. It´s free to camp as long as you keep your tent 150 meters away from cabins or houses. Thank you, Allemannsretten (read more about the right to roam)!

Sunset is around 19.45, so we advise that you get your tent up before it gets dark. Campers are welcome to use the bathroom facilities at the Gjendesheim mountain lodge. The nearest convenience store is 1 hour drive away, so consider getting a food ticket also if you are camping.

Read more about the different food options and get food tickets here.

20:00 - 21:00

Cosy up around the Campfire

Bring your blanket and gather around the campfire where you can join the conversation with a small group of other founders, and make meaningful connections and life-long friends.

The first evening the conversation is not curated in any way, but the following two days you can listen to Campfire Conversations. An interview-style roundtable between the keynote speakers.

Day 2 | TUESDAY September 10, 2019


Official Opening

Opening remarks to the Slow Business Community from Torill Bye Wilhelmsen, founder of the festival and certified small business strategist.

Place: Outdoor amphitheater in front of Gjendesheim mountain lodge.


Keynote with International Speaker

Learn from handpicked thought-leaders from the online entrepreneurship space as they share their wisdom, truth-bombs and knowledge of how to amplify your small business. In this story-driven keynote you will learn lessons that you can´t afford to miss out on!

Learn what works right now, and emerging trends in digital marketing and business strategy from experts from the US. Exposed to new ideas and learning from the best will spark your ability to take your business to the next level of awesom-ness!

Place: Outdoor amphitheater with spectacular mountain and lake views, in front of Gjendesheim mountain lodge.


Walkshop (TM) with Torill from Fjellflyt

A Walkshop is a workshop on two legs. Did you know that walking can make you 60 per cent more creative? You walk and talk about challenges and opportunities in your business with other like-minded founders. This Walkshop is an easy hike to an insta-worthy viewpoint near the festival site.

The main aim is to get your creative juices flowing so you can get a break-through about an issue that has been bothering you, an idea you are pondering or an opportunity you want to pursue!

Walk your way to more clarity on how to make a bigger impact, build a community around your business, be more in your zone of genius and make more money in your business.

Walkshop with Torill Bye Wilhelmsen.  Photo: Cathrine Dokken

Walkshop with Torill Bye Wilhelmsen. Photo: Cathrine Dokken


Coworking Space is Open

The dining-room at Gjendesheim Mountain Lodge transforms into a coworking space where you can co-work to your hearts content.


Adventurous Hike in Jotunheimen National Park

Your fix for an adventurous day at the "office".

2 hour hike with "kjentmann" (local) to a viewpoint along a marked trail in Jotunheimen National Park. A moderate grade hike suitable for all, but newbie adventurers in good shape will get the most out of this hike. Perhaps you can make it one of your fitness goals this year if you are currently not in the shape you want to be?

Autumn, the mountain is at its finest.  Photo: Morten Løwe

Autumn, the mountain is at its finest. Photo: Morten Løwe


Living Room Workshops (*)

Intensive 2,5 hour workshop where you strategize in small groups of maximum 25 motivated entrepreneurs. Get direct access to our keynote speakers and other experienced strategists, coaches and practitioners that will make a profound difference to your business and overall work load. Expect stronger strategies, less stress and higher profitability in your business going forward.

Each workshop is literally a cosy living room filled with your future business allies. In the 45 min lunch break you can enjoy a buffet lunch with delicious local produce while you build meaningful relationships with the attendees and the workshop leaders. Ask them about their best strategies for what works now to create a sustainable and profitable business.

(*) = Living Room Workshops requires an extra ticket, which includes the workshop and VIP lunch with the workshop leaders. Workshop tickets come for sale for Slow Business Adventure festival ticket holders 1. August.


On-Site Adventures

Free activities indoors and outdoors at the festival camp. You are invited to try a wide range of activities that will satisfy your tastebuds, challenge your perceptions and expand your creativity.

Be adventurous and participate in a spectacular selection of adventures, or enjoy some quiet time.

  • Slow Business Skillshare - Share your knowledge or get advice! Write what you want to teach or learn at the big board. Invite others to meet you for a "Walk&Talk" one-to-one. Organize a small meetup to share your knowledge, or join one to learn new skills about a topic you are curious about.

  • Meet the Makers - Taste chocolate blindfolded to truly savor the mouth-watering taste of the award-winning chocolate from Geiranger Sjokolade. Try local cheese and make up your own mind if they deserve to be nick-named caramel cheese. And learn about the production of the food - from raw to ready.


Wonder Walk

Explore the Flower Path and expand your creative capacity with the enchanting card deck from Amy Won.

  • Enter the Idea Box - Brainstorm with other entrepreneurs to get fresh ideas for your business!

  • Walk&Weave - Textile artist Karina Siegmund invites you be curious as a child again, and see elements in nature as if it was the first time. If you´ve ever felt that your creative well needs to be filled, take a walk with her on the Flower Path and discover how to be inspired by nature like a true artist (easy walk).

  • Photo Opportunity with a Real Reindeer - The reindeer Norrdolf is part of a domesticated herd that lives a happy life in the wild, well looked after by local shepherds. For special occasions, like the Slow Business Adventure, Norrdolf the reindeer comes to visit. He is used to people, even children, and like to be the center of attention. Amaze your business contacts with a photo of you and a friendly reindeer on this years Christmas greeting card!

    NB! The reindeer prioritizes freedom and adventure, and will therefore only be working from 15:00-16:00 on Tuesday.

  • Into the Wild - Learn outdoor skills like how to stay warm and dry in a storm, making a fire, keep your backpack lightweight, picking the right equipment and navigation. With Eva Strand.

  • Hot Tub + Polar Plunge - Hot Tub Bliss combined with a 10 seconds out-of-the-comfort-zone challenge. Dip into the ice-cold water that gets its emerald-green color from melt-water from glaciers, and feel unstoppable when you come up on dry land again. With Mari "Plunge Perfectionist" Wedum.

  • Insta-hike - visit the most insta-worthy places to pimp up your feed with breathtaking views, stunning selfies and natural snapshots.


Craft Beer Tasting Cruise (*)

Taste 5 local beers and enjoy a memorable and fun cruise! Cruise along the emerald-green and picturesque Gjende lake, under the world-famous Besseggen ridge. Hubertus brewery takes pride in making tasty, belgian inspired beers where the taste develops in the bottles over time.

The brewer himself, Huub Huijs from the Netherlands, will talk about the different varieties of beers as well as telling the story of how he went after his dreams and relocated to the mountain region.

Limited to 80 participants.

Craft Beer Tasting cruise at Gjende lake.  Photo: Cathrine Dokken

Craft Beer Tasting cruise at Gjende lake. Photo: Cathrine Dokken

20:00 - 21:00

Campfire Conversations with Keynote Speakers

Internationally acclaimed leaders. A lakeside campfire.
Deep, honest and unedited conversation.

Three experienced leaders gather around the campfire at the lakeside in the evening, letting the natural flow of the conversation lead them.

Sharing stories, laughs and quiet moments. Leading by being courageous, honest and vulnerable. Revealing layer by layer what it means to work every day to make a difference in the world, through entrepreneurship.

How the urge to discover, explore and help others lead to business and personal growth, new connections, successes, exciting adventures - and failures.

  • How life really is behind the scenes of social media. How the urge to discover, explore and help others lead to personal growth, new connections - and failures.

  • Why are we prone to listening to people we agree with, when we know we need different perspectives?

  • How can we challenge ourselves and be more open to new ideas?

  • How can we create meaningful connections with people that are different from ourselves? 

  • How can we make a difference in the world, however small? 

  • Our keynote speakers gather around the campfire in the evening, letting the natural flow of the conversation lead them.

What drives us? What fuels us? Campfire conversations will provide some answers, pose some questions and give fodder for thought.

This part of the program is unique to our conference, since Campfire Conversations allow you to get to know and learn from the keynote speakers over the course of several days.

Where other conferences cram 25 speakers into 1 day and 20 min slots, we dive deep with 3 keynote speakers for 4 days.

Campfire Conversations with Keynote Speakers.

Campfire Conversations with Keynote Speakers.

21:00 - 23:00

Connect and Reflect

Relax in the living room at Gjendesheim after a long day making new connections. Continue the conversation with someone you want to get to know more. Relax in the comfy chairs and reflect on what the day has provided of new insights, perspectives and connections.

Photo: Marius Dalseg Sætre

Photo: Marius Dalseg Sætre

21:30 - 22:15

Tales of Adventures North of the Ordinary

It´s so tempting to stay in our comfort zone and know that we can reach the oh-so-very-realistic goals we set out to achieve. And yet, we know that if we make some changes to our life or business there is so much to discover, that we would regret to miss out on. Enter the Tales of Adventures!

Ordinary people can - and will - achieve extraordinary things, and these people are living proof of that. Meet inspirational people that set out on completely different types of adventures, and get inspired to go on your own quest through beautiful photos, mesmerizing stories and tales from north of the ordinary.

Photo: Kjell Erik Reinhardtsen

Photo: Kjell Erik Reinhardtsen

Heedless plakat.jpg

Night cinema

With parallels to the sometimes lonely entrepreneurial life, Dennis meets challenges on the road to reaching the top in ski freeriding. Without a professional support team, the key to success lies within himself , and the pressure and expectations are high. Dennis must mobilize everything to stay focused on what matters, competing in the prestigious Freeride World Tour. This is not your regular ski movie but shows the work and processes that lie behind such an adventurous profession. In the Adventure Talks, Dennis will talk about how it is possible to make a living of what he loves most to do, namely skiing, and what this requires of him.

Day 3 | WEDNESDAY September 11, 2019

Same program as day 2 (Tuesday).

Day 4 | THURSDAY September 12, 2019 | Departure day


Closing Keynote with Torill Bye Wilhelmsen

Torill speaks about how to improve your founder life and business through the Slow Business philosophy.

So that you can run a successful, small business that makes a difference.

She will also talk about how you can use the Slow Business framework to implement what you´ve learned and whom you´ve connected with during the festival.

So that you can continue to build your life´s works with the help of your new business allies, and make substantial progress on the projects that are most important to you.

Place: Outdoor amphitheatre in front of Gjendesheim mountain lodge.

Closing keynote with Torill Bye Wilhelmsen.  Photo: Nina Hurum

Closing keynote with Torill Bye Wilhelmsen. Photo: Nina Hurum


Please note:

  1. Activities marked with (*) (star) requires an extra ticket, priced from 490kr/53€/59$.

  2. Activities and workshop leaders are confirmed at the time of writing, but there might be changes.

  3. Outdoor activities are "rain or shine", so bring proper outdoor gear and bring on the adventure!


use the freedom you worked so hard to get


Learn from story-driven keynotes from keynote speakers from the US and Norway. Get business breakthroughs at small workshops with maximum 25 participants held by international workshop leaders.

Experience the ultimate sense of accomplishment when you climb a mountain with other entrepreneurs, on one of the top 20 most beautiful hikes in the world.

Finally take time to use the freedom you worked so hard to get, and celebrate the steps you have taken on this incredible journey of entrepreneurship. Have fun at a beer tasting cruise, eat artisan chocolate blindfolded or try ice-bathing and the hot tub!

Gather around the campfire at night and have non-shallow conversations with like-minded peers doing business with integrity. Go deep and understand more of what change you want to make in the world through building your life´s works.

Creating meaningful connections with other remarkable humans happens naturally when we go on outdoor adventures together.

We call it networking the Norwegian way.