press kit

Press material and ideas for articles about Slow Business Adventure for media reporting in English, German and Norwegian or other Scandinavian languages.


Topic ideas for business publications

  • Networking - the Norwegian Way (Networking with hiking boots on - or why I threw away over 300 business cards).

  • Rural Norway - the new, unlikely hot-spot for digital nomads and online businesses in Europe who prefers to travel sustainably and ditch long-haul flights altogether.

  • How a community of like-minded entrepreneurs can help you achieve extraordinary results in your small business.

Topic ideas for entrepreneur publications

  • Slow Business - How entrepreneurs can avoid the exhausting hustle and approach your business the sustainable way on a personal and environmental level. You can replace your computer when it breaks, but can't just order a new body online.

  • Why I left the 9-5 grind for good, founded a co-working space in rural Norway and am now organising the first-ever European Slow Business conference.

  • Why creative founders and freelancers shouldn´t hold conferences like lawyers and doctors do it - and why I choose the Norwegian National Park Jotunheimen to be the beautiful “conference hall” for a new business festival.

Topic ideas for Slow Living and the general public

  • How to incorporate more adventure in your business - and life.

  • Entrepreneurial Loneliness - how to quit operating as a solo wolf and find your flock.

  • Why setting aside time to meet new people in real life, is even more crucial than ever in our digital age.

  • Don´t wait for success, enjoy your entrepreneurial life to the full now.


Press contact | Pressekontakt


Torill Wilhelmsen

+47 48 22 15 15

As the founder of Slow Business Adventure, I am happy to answer questions about the conference, the venue in Jotunheimen and topics related to building a sustainable and profitable small business.

High resolution photos can be downloaded here on this page. You are welcome to use them for free, as long as they are credited with the photographers name.


Press photos

Free use is permitted for articles reporting on the Slow Business Adventure and/or the company Fjellflyt AS, when credit is given to the photographer (names are included in the download).

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Kaja Vik (left) and Torill Bye Wilhelmsen

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Networking the Norwegian way

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Walkshop (TM) by Fjellflyt

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Networking and living room workshops in small groups of 10-25 founders

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