Campfire Conversations

Internationally acclaimed leaders. A lakeside campfire.
Deep, honest and unedited conversation.

Three experienced leaders gather around the campfire at the lakeside in the evening, letting the natural flow of the conversation lead them.

Sharing stories, laughs and quiet moments. Revealing layer by layer what it means to work every day to make a difference in the world, through entrepreneurship.

  • How life really is behind the scenes of social media. How the urge to discover, explore and help others lead to personal growth, new connections - and failures.

  • What drives us? What fuels us and fills us with joy?

  • Why are we prone to listening to people we agree with, when we know we need different perspectives?

  • How can we challenge ourselves and be more open to new ideas?

  • How can we create meaningful connections with people that are different from ourselves? 

  • How can we make a difference in the world, however small?