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The venue

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Skjolden is the place

The Slow Business Adventure starts with a journey to Scandinavia

Plan your trip so you can look forward to some uncontaminated time to just be while you are on your way here. Remember, this event takes place North of the Ordinary!

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How to get here

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The Venue, Fjordstova

Fjordstova is the venue where we eat and ...

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Eat slowly

Community is formed when we gather around the table. Nurture your body and savour every bite during social meals based on natural, fresh ingredients - literally from the doorstep of the venue. The festivalticket includes breakfast, a packed lunch and buffet dinner.

Get ready to indulge in local produce!



Norwegians are serious about breakfast. Choose from home-baked bread with home-made jam, local cheese, cured ham, local salamis or even trout. Most (we are aiming for all of them, actually!) options will be ecologically sourced.

Our favorite hot drink to go with breakfast is black coffee, but if you prefer tea we understand!

For entertainment, ask a Norwegian how many different names she/he can come up with for caramel cheese (brunost).

Matpakke (packed lunch)

During breakfast time, you prepare your packed lunch called "matpakke". If you´re not convinced yet, read this article from BBC about the art of this productivity-inducing work culture.

You can also fill your thermos with coffee, hot chocolate or tea so you are ready for a hike.

If you are attending a paid workshop, an extra buffet lunch will be included and you can save your matpakke for a snack.

Fresh air makes you hungry, eat your matpakke whenever you want.


Gjendesheim serve a delicious dinner buffet suitable for lovers of grass-fed meat and wild fish, but also vegetarians and vegans. The ingredients are thoughtfully selected based on traditions, culture and commodities that surround us in the mountains. Through close cooperation with local and organic food producers, you can be assured that the food is both tasty, clean and genuine.

Adventurous options on the buffet includes reindeer bred on free-range mountain pastures in Jotunheimen National Park, with jam of wild mountain cranberries with low sugar content and no artificial conservatives. Or what about vegetables organically and slowly grown 500 meters above sea level?

Explore the area

If you would like help planning your trip, contact our friends at the regional travel board by clicking the button below. They can also give you great travel tips if you want to extend your stay.