An Outdoor Entrepreneurship Conference

Slow Business

September 10 – 13, 2020 in
Jotunheimen National Park, Norway


An Entrepreneurship Conference North of the Ordinary

calling you, founders!

Are you tired of going to conferences to meet like-minded peers, just to find that the time to talk with people in the networking breaks is too limited to hit it off?

Stuck in a noisy conference hall, you long for a quiet spot to have a deep conversation so that you can get real business breakthroughs - and a life-long friendship.

The Slow Business Adventure is here to make the all-important networking right, for passion-driven people.

We bring together the best of work with the dreamiest of outdoor life to make it possible for you to create meaningful connections.

After all, your network is your net worth, and now you can network in a way that doesn´t suck.

What is it?

Slow Business Adventure is an international community gathering for founders of small businesses from Europe and beyond.

Learn from world-class keynote speakers. Discover new adventures. Build meaningful relationships that blows away entrepreneurial loneliness with the mountain breeze. In this company you don´t have to explain again and again “how you make a living online”.

Come to Slow Business Adventure, and return as an inspired powerhouse brimming with energy, a network of business allies, a clear picture of the way forward - and the knowledge and tools that will get you there. 

Who is it for?

Join us if you are the founder of a business and use online tools to market, sell or deliver services, experiences or products.

You are invited whether you identify as a freelancer, small business owner, digital marketer, maker or farmer.

No matter your title, you are an outdoorsy nature-lover and look at your business as an opportunity to live a more adventurous life.

How does this event make a difference?

Propell your business forward with tailor-made opportunities to connect and learn.

  • Our “conference hall” is not noisy and crowded, it´s a national park! Here you can easily find a quiet spot to have a deep conversation - the perfect start for a life-long friendship.

  • The workshops are in small groups of 10-25 people - you get to know the workshop leaders and get real business breakthroughs!

  • The social program is created so that you can make new connections easily because you are sharing experiences, wether it is on a craft beer tasting cruise, hiking, learning outdoor skills or tasting chocolate blindfolded!

  • Everyone - both speakers and attendees - gathers around the campfire at night for honest campfire conversations.

  • We eat together and there are conversation-starters at the tables (if the brown cheese wasn´t enough to get the conversation going).

It´s networking the Norwegian way, and you will reap the business benefits and treasure the memories for years to come.   

Speakers and the 2020 program will be launched soon. This is how it looked in 2019.


Meet the Founder of Slow Business Adventure

Torill Wilhelmsen

Asking for help was never my strength. Educated as an international economist, I was used to hiding behind my computer crushing numbers. Alone. Following the “do it all by yourself” recipe with my first business was a disaster, and I ended up applying for jobs (sigh…).

After 5 years working as head of business in a municipality, I experienced a burnout and had to figure out what I wanted out of my life going forward.

The answer was that I want to live an adventurous life through entrepreneurship! I love to create and I love to connect people. Naturally, I´ve built a business, Fjellflyt (Mountainflow), that brings creative people together in an environment where we ask for feedback and support each other.

Walking business courses, Walkshops (TM) that were featured in Forbes, conferences, masterminds, retreats - and even a local coworking space in my home town of Vågå in Norway. And now, the most exciting venture of them all - a gathering for heart-centered entrepreneurs from Europe and beyond.

I´m humble and honored to invite you to the Slow Business Adventure.

Future friend, myself and a group of future business allies are waiting for you.

Let the adventure begin!

My first reaction when I heard about Slow Business Adventure was “This sounds incredible!”

Torill has never ceased to amaze me with her heart for entrepreneurs and her brain for problem-solving.

With this event, Torill is solving a huge problem: how to connect entrepreneurs in a meaningful way that goes beyond the conference room.

I am so excited for everyone who decides to attend. You’re in for a treat!
— Tara McMullin (Gentile), Author of Quiet Power Strategy, Podcast Host and founder of the Small Business Network "What Works"

The Slow Business Adventure organiser Fjellflyt has been featured in


What exactly is Slow Business?

A sustainable way for you and your business

As the founder of your own company, the pressure is constantly ON.

It´s common to fluctuate between feeling like a superhero and feeling lost. There are small fires, difficult customers, contractors that disappear from the face of earth. All combined with the daily grind of product development, social media marketing, sales calls, administration, deliveries and unfinished funnels.

With Slow Business, we invite you to take a different approach:

  • Carefully select just a few projects, marketing channels and products.

  • Replace short-term profit goals with a long-term perspective so you can build a sustainable and profitable business that becomes your life´s works.

  • Take time to discern the problem and stop searching for the next marketing tactic or app that will be a quick-fix, when you don´t even know if it´s solving the right problem in your business.

  • Connect, cowork and collaborate with other people more often than not.

  • Escape the non-stop cycle of work, and take a step back to clear your mind, learn new skills and meet like-minded people.

You can buy a new computer when it´s broken, but you can´t just order a new body online.

With Slow Business, you don´t have to. You are an expert firestarter, and in the Slow Business community we are many that will help add to your fire in various ways, so you don´t burn out (again).

Save the date and plan your journey to Scandinavia

where and when is it?

Slow Business Adventure takes place September 10 – 13, 2020.

Our festival venue is in and around the mountain lodge Gjendesheim in Jotunheimen National Park, Norway.

With the festival bus from Oslo, it´s easier than ever to enter the wild. The mountain is calling, let your adventure begin!


buy your festival ticket for slow business adventure

September 10 – 13, 2020 in Jotunheimen National Park, Norway


Festival Ticket Includes:

  • 3 keynotes with world-class speakers

  • 4 Living Room Workshop with international experts

  • Networking in nature with other founders

  • Coworking space at daytime

  • Walkshops(TM) in a national park

  • Hikes in Jotunheimen with local guide

  • More than 10 exciting activities and creativity/outdoor workshops on-site

  • Cheese and chocolate tastings

  • Campfire conversations

  • Adventure talks

  • Social meetups and entertainment

  • Free camping in your own tent

Not included in the Festival Ticket:


Buy your ticket for the entrepreneurship festival Slow Business Adventure here.

Questions? Please contact Chief Festival Organiser Kaja Vik at

Definitely worth the trip and the money. Thanks a million!
— Charlotte Sveinsen, Skafferiet on Helgøya, about a recent event of ours