Good to know before you book your festival ticket

This conference looks like a dreamy holiday! Will it grow my business?

YES! Without shadow of a doubt.

  • You will discuss (and solve!) business challenges with other founders (that know other stuff than you do, and see your business from the outside).

  • Your network of business allies, contacts and contractors will grow. Having real friends in business will take you as far as you want to go. Useful when you aim sky high, doubt sneaks in or you face resistance.

  • World-class keynote speakers and workshop leaders will teach you what you need to know right now to take a big leap forward.

  • Your customers will be utterly inspired by your adventure and flock to your Instagram. There might even be potential clients at the event.

  • Expect at several aha-moments, breakthroughs and connections that will supercharge your efforts and give you the courage to take your place in the market.

In fact, hiking in the mountains will teach you a lot about running a business, too.

What is included in the festival ticket?

The festival ticket includes everything listed in the detailed program. You get both business education, networking, entertainment and outdoor activities.

The festival ticket includes (but are not limited to):

  • Keynotes

  • 4 Living room Workshops

  • Coworking space at daytime

  • Walkshops

  • Hikes with local guide

  • Exciting activities on-site

  • Cheese and chocolate tastings

  • Campfire conversations

  • Adventure talks

  • Social meetups and entertainment

  • Discounted price on food and lodging at Gjendesheim

Not included:

How can I buy tickets?

Purchase your tickets online, in advance.

Main ticket:

Click here to buy the festival ticket.

Optional, additional ticket:

Click here to buy the beer tasting cruise ticket.

If you need help purchasing your tickets, or have questions, do not hesitate to contact your hosts Torill and Kaja at

Where can I buy food and lodging?

I run a [...] business, am I a founder?

Join us if you are the founder of your own business - whether you call yourself a lifestyle entrepreneur, freelancer, small business owner, solopreneur or digital marketer.

We expect to have founders from a broad range of industries doing business online:

  • Creative people

  • Authors, freelancers, content creators and speakers

  • Instagrammers / Bloggers / Podcasters / YouTubers

  • Personal trainers, yogis, illustrators, designers, artists

  • Startups with local or remote teams

  • Tourism businesses, creative farmers and activity providers

  • Makers of crafts and food

  • People working from a coworking space

No matter your title, you are an outdoorsy nature-lover and look at your business as an opportunity to live a more adventurous life.

I don´t have a business yet, can I come?

Yes! Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, and everyone new in business deserves a great start. Building your network early will pay off in so many ways.

As a soon-to-be-founder, you can still contribute to the community with knowledge from your field of expertise.

Can I bring my business partner, coworkers, employees or online friends?

All attendees at the festival must be registered attendees, and so everyone wanting to attend has to buy a ticket.

Slow Business Adventure is for founders and co-founders, so everyone that is or was previously involved in starting a new venture are welcome.

The event is not for employees, this is designed to recharge the batteries of founders and return you to your team motivated and ready to level up your business.

The festival is a great place to bring your online friends. Instead of inviting them home to your place the first time you meet, why not arrange to meet here - where everything is prepared for you to hang out, work, plan, strategize, have fun and be in the business bubble 24/7.

Where should I stay?

The festival ticket includes a discount on lodging and food at Gjendesheim, where the festival venue is. We highly recommend staying there!

You can also camp for free.

Discover the different possibilities to get some well-deserved sleep at the festival site.

Other options in the area can be found at

I whant to hike the famous Besseggen ridge?

Extend your stay with 1 day and hike the famous and spectacular Besseggen ridge with certified mountain guides.

How do I get there?

It´s probably easier than you think to get to Gjendesheim, but you need to plan ahead.

Oslo is a great starting point - find the best journey here.

What is the refund policy?

The tickets are non-refundable, but they are transferable.

If you sell your ticket or send someone in your place, be sure to let us know as soon as possible and no later than 14 days ahead of the event.

Can I pay with credit card at the event?

Yes, you can! Credit cards are widely used everywhere in Norway, also for small transactions.

Is there Internet access at the festival?

We are up in the mountains so relying on technology when you are hiking is not to be advised. However, the festival venue has 4G coverage.

Can I buy a 1-day ticket to the festival?

Your ticket to the festival is all-inclusive of the 4-day event (from Monday evening to Thursday before lunch).

One of the main aims of the event is to have time and space to connect with new people and really get to know them, so it doesn´t make sense to have a single day ticket and rush it.

Are meals provided?

Meals are not included in the festival ticket. Gjendesheim lodge offers a food ticket with breakfast, packed lunch and a local produce dinner buffet.

Read more about food options here.

Why go to an event that is not industry-specific?

As a passion-driven business owner you need support from like-minded peers. Network a must-have, not a need-to-have.

When you have a support network across industries, you can more easily bounce ideas off of each other, share experiences and collaborate on projects since you are not in direct competition.

You can learn and be inspired by how someone in a different industry use for example Instagram for lead generation and sales, and be at the forefront in your own industry because you can test out ideas you got from them.

And a last reason as good as any - it´s like balsam to the soul not having to explain yourself and “how you make a living online” all the time.


Nice to know before arrival

Can I make my own food?

Yes, you can. Read more about the available food options.

Can I rent outdoor clothes and hiking equipment?

Save the environment (and your wallet) from buying new outdoor gear exclusively for the festival. High quality mountain clothes and backpacks can be rented at Gjendesheim. Please inquire in advance about sizes and availability.

Tents and camping gear are not available for rent in the area.

Where can I park and charge an electric car?

If you bring your own car to Slow Business Adventure, you park at long-term parking at Reinsvangen and take the shuttle bus or walk (1.3 km) to Gjendesheim.

It is not possible to park at Gjendesheim, as the parking is occupied by Fjellfilm. For the same reason, it is also not possible to charge an electric car at Gjendesheim and the nearest charging station is Heidal or Beitostølen. If you drive Tesla, there is a charger available at Maurvangen.

Is the festival suitable for children?

Organized by an all-parents-team, we might be able to understand all kinds of crazy questions regarding traveling with kids.

While the festival is a networking and learning experience for (seemingly) grown-ups, we will do our best to accommodate you if you are traveling with a baby or the entire family.

Please get in touch with Kaja Vik at

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, contact the lodge in advance to book a dog-friendly room.

Will there be plenty of clean toilets?

Yes, there are several indoor toilets at the lodge that are cleaned daily. The toilet facilities can be used by campers, and showers can be used for a small fee. 

Is Jotunheimen linked to the Vikings? And other (fun) facts

Jotunheimen was home of “Jotnene” in Norse mythology, the legendary stories of heroes and gods that the vikings believed in.

Jotunheimen was named by the Norwegian author Aasmund Olavsson Vinje.

It´s also the most visited National park in Norway - and our outdoor playground.

Who in the classical music history connected in Jotunheimen?

Well, now this FAQ is starting to look like a history quiz, but bear with us!

Composer Edvard Grieg, connected with Gjendine Slålien in Jotunheimen. Gjendine, named after the Gjende lake, sang and played while she looked after kids and worked. Grieg was really taken by her performance and wrote her a piece. Some of the stanzas she sang could later be found in Griegs compositions.

What book do you recommend to prepare for the trip?

To spice up your reading list of business 📚, why not prepare for the adventure instead with a hilarious travelogue!

An oldie but goodie from 1882: Three in Norway, by Two of them

Written by James Arthur Lees and Walter John Clutterbuck.

Read Three in Norway, by Two of Them for free, completely legal, at

I´m utterly impressed. How can we collaborate?

Thank youuu, we´re doing our best to create something different and impact the online business community in a positive way.

If you have - or want to get in front of - an engaged audience of founders of small and sustainable businesses, we´d love to collaborate with you!

Contact Kaja Vik at to get in the know about sponsorship opportunities.

If you want to help us to reach the right people, you can also contact Kaja about or our ambassador program.

I have another question...

Chief Festival Organiser Kaja Vik is at your service, friend!

Contact Kaja Vik at to get your Q´s answered.